My name is Krystal Dyer and I am originally from Medford, New Jersey. I went to The Octagon of Learning for Preschool, Kindergarten, and summer camp. After that, I went on to St. Marys of the Lakes for 1st-8th grade and then Holy Cross for High School in Delran, NJ. I was always an artistic child, growing up in an artistic family it was second nature to me. Although I had the skill set, I was never provided with a good variety of artistic mediums in Catholic school; so my incredibly supportive parents sent me to art classes with Rebecca Cook in Medford Lakes, NJ to supply me with a better range of mediums. From there I went on to College at the Art Institute of Philadelphia where I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Media Arts and Animation. I took an internship at Nickelodeon which turned into some freelance work. I graduated on the Deans List with a 3.9GPA and a Best of Quarter Award for Flash Animation.

After graduation, I worked at various companies in NJ doing art, to better sculpt my portfolio. These companies include but are not limited to Splintertek/Lockheed Martin, Think Up Toy Design, and Costello Prep. I had job potential in San Diego so I made the big move on May 5th 2009, since then I have painted live on stage for various musicians and events. I was invited to go on tour in Northern California with a local band, this experience lead me to new connections and exciting opportunities. Besides painting live, I have kept busy with multiple freelance projects. Some of these freelance projects include storyboards, logo’s, t-shirt designs, educational illustrations, children’s book illustrations, custom acrylic paintings, custom skateboard art, custom surfboard art, photography for company events, sports photography, band photography, and much more.

I strive to become a respectable, successful and well known artist in the cartoon/animation industry. It makes me proud to know that my art is starting to be admired as well as talked about, and that my style is becoming recognizable to people I have never met. Today, I continue creating art and taking on new challenges to better shape my career.



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